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Laser Distance Sensors For Medium Ranges

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Laser Distance Sensors For Medium Ranges
Laser Distance Sensors For Medium Ranges

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Turck presents the new LTF12 laser distance sensor from Banner Engineering. The sensor detects objects from 0.05 to 12 m regardless of their material properties and color. Even with an acute angle of view or very bright ambient light up to 40,000 lux, the LTF12 delivers precise and reliable measurement results.

For rough industrial use

The large display of the laser sensor shows the distance to the detected object in the first line, which makes it easier to set up the sensor in the application. The second line shows the value of the analog output. Regardless of the analog output, the user can also use a bipolar switching output. With its stable zinc pressure housing and protection class IP67, the sensor is designed for harsh industrial use. The LTF12 is optimally equipped for distance measurements and positioning tasks in high-bay warehouses, crane systems or on self-propelled machines. Level measurements or the presence control of objects are also possible applications.

Turck will in future add a device with two bipolar switching outputs and a variant with IO-Link communication to the variant with analog output and bipolar switching output. (jv)

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