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KTR Coupling Technology Becomes KTR Systems

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KTR Coupling Technology Becomes KTR Systems
KTR Coupling Technology Becomes KTR Systems

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Video: Assembly of the KTR-SI FRE idle rotation overload coupling / safety coupling | KTR Systems 2023, February

KTR, a family-owned company from Rheine, has expanded significantly in almost all business areas over the past few decades. "We have developed our product portfolio extensively and put it on the four pillars of drive technology, braking systems, hydraulic components and cooling systems; expanded our range of services; the headquarters in Rheine expanded significantly and KTR Brake Systems GmbH established at the location in Schloß Holte-Stukenbrock. In addition, we have significantly accelerated our international activities in the areas of production, logistics and sales,”reports KTR Managing Director Andreas Nauen. Now the next step towards the future follows. "With the change of name, we clarify the breadth and diversity of our range of services. We show the global markets, but above all our customers and partners,that we are ready to take on more responsibility in the machines and systems,”says Nauen.

KTR Brake Systems remains a 100% subsidiary

As the legal successor, KTR Systems GmbH automatically and completely takes over all rights and obligations from KTR clutch technology GmbH. The company's headquarters will remain in Rheine, only the postal address will change from Rodder Damm 170 to Carl-Zeiss-Strasse 25 in 48432 Rheine.

Braking system

What is the best way to slow down?

Drive components / cooling systems

Systems for wind power engineering

The well-known company logo and the claim "Made for Motion" remain unchanged. As before, KTR Brake Systems GmbH will continue to operate as a 100% subsidiary under the new company name.

KTR group positioned worldwide

Founded in 1959, the KTR Group now has 23 subsidiaries and 90 sales partners worldwide. There are also a total of seven production sites in Germany, Poland, the USA, Brazil, India and China. The number of KTR employees is currently more than 1100 employees worldwide, almost 450 of them in Germany.

The product portfolio includes mechanical couplings and overload systems, torque measuring shafts, clamping sets and universal joints, hydraulic and electromechanical braking systems, hydraulic components and cooling systems for industrial applications in machine and plant construction. (sh)

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