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Develop Strategies In Winter

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Develop Strategies In Winter
Develop Strategies In Winter

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Whether economic crisis or seasonal periods of silence, almost every company in any industry experiences its "winter" to a greater or lesser extent. Predictable or not, often enough seasonal slacks or the general recession turn into a real crisis. Word has now gotten around that crises are chances that we can get out of the deep with diligence and positive thinking. Provided we use the - admittedly - difficult time sensibly!

Use weak (cold) times

If you follow the development of economic figures longer, you will find that after the blackness in the sky, color is used again for the silver stripe of the same. But how does it look in reality? In addition to sticking your head in the sand and conjuring up a crisis, positive thinking can also often be found. Experience shows, however, that in everyday life there is a lot of talk about “crisis as an opportunity”, but then you do nothing - except hope that things will go up faster than feared. One preaches “modesty”. What else is there left to be frugal when business and cash register are deep? If everything goes well, this strategy of perseverance and declarations of intent may even work. But then we probably didn't learn anything.And the next economic crisis is already waiting like an influenza virus. If, on the other hand, executives are really using a crisis to prepare the company for the impending upswing, it will also be better equipped for a downward period, which will follow the expected high phase again. Just as nature recurs in winter for new prosperity, companies should use economically weak times to strategically prepare for future success.companies should use economically weak times to strategically prepare for future success.companies should use economically weak times to strategically prepare for future success.

The strenght is to be found in serenity

What is good for nature is also good for humans. Through rest and relaxation, for example, the brain is sensitized and can recognize emerging stress faster and better avoid it. Just as switching to “well-being” after work is necessary for the work-life balance mode, a reflection of the course of business can sometimes be helpful. After all, a company is also an organic organization. It is good for him if he can withdraw a little from the hot summer in winter (see above) in order to recover from the exertions. After all, the market success achieved did not fall from the sky. Production and utilization were preceded by analyzes and detailed planning, improvement and rationalization. A motivated team has done a good job, possibly achieving top performance.

Foresight is required

If there is a lull, foresight is required. Managers should ask themselves the question "How can the company remain successful even in and after bad times?". Unpleasant excesses, in which the sale is used as a fire brigade squad to generate sales on hell, can only have a short-term effect. Responsible companies, on the other hand, are aware and take heed to the fact that times when not only the cake pieces in the form of market shares but perhaps also the whole cake gets smaller are not for quick shots. If, on the other hand, you use the situation with prudence and foresight, you can set the course for success again by walking inward and breathing deeply. Just as we relax from the sun in the shade.Just as nature prepares for regeneration in the cold by retreating. We all - as part of the big picture - need that!

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