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One Cable Gland Size For Different Cables

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One Cable Gland Size For Different Cables
One Cable Gland Size For Different Cables

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Pflitsch has expanded its Blueglobe cable gland series with a flexible variant. This is equipped with a multiple inlet, the three inlets of which can be removed with a screwdriver if necessary. This allows cables with a diameter of 6 mm to 20 mm to be routed safely in an M25 cable gland and sealed with protection class IP68 (15 bar). Due to this sealing insert made of high-quality TPE, the sealing area of ​​the Blueglobe should increase by 55%.

The advantage for the user: with just one cable gland size, most common cables in automation, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering should be reliably installed. The required sealing area can be produced quickly without special tools. These properties are intended to minimize ordering and storage costs, simplify assembly and reduce the expenses for article maintenance. This can save costs. Since the new variant also achieves strain relief up to class B in accordance with EN 62444, according to Pflitsch, additional safety measures against pulling out are unnecessary in common applications.

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The Blueglobe should also offer a long-lasting seal thanks to the spherical sealing insert. This hugs the cable over a large area and is intended to prevent irreparable constrictions. The new type is available in the common size M25 in brass and the stainless steel qualities 1.4305 and 1.4571. The cable gland is approved for operating temperatures from –40 ° C to 130 ° C. The new sealing insert is also available with slots for the assembly of assembled cables. (sh)

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