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New Dial Gauge With Signal Output For Effective Automation

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New Dial Gauge With Signal Output For Effective Automation
New Dial Gauge With Signal Output For Effective Automation

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Reliable, quick-reacting and precise dial indicators with signal output are used wherever measurements are carried out automatically. That is why Mitutoyo Signal-ID-C dial indicators are the first choice for automated processes such as in sorting belts, measuring devices or for ongoing processes in production machines. This type of dial gauge is able to transmit GO / NG assessments to external devices based on previously defined upper and lower threshold values.

New function

Now the Japanese manufacturer of precision measuring instruments is launching a new, greatly improved generation, which Mitutoyo says should be characterized by increased quality and new functions.

The new dial indicator Signal ID-C is available in two versions with increments of 0.01 mm and 0.001 mm for precision applications. Three upper and lower values ​​can be set for tolerance evaluations. The output signal can be logically inverted in order to adapt it to the control units. As with the predecessor, the measuring range for the new model is 12.7 mm with a measurement uncertainty of just 0.003 mm. A new feature is the analog bar display on the upper edge of the LCD display with ± 20 divisions for quick checking of the measurement results.

Robust control buttons

The Signal ID-C is supplied with four meters of cable for connection to external devices. The wires are connected to machine controllers or other control units. The control buttons on the new dial gauge are now made of oil-resistant synthetic resin instead of silicone, making them even more robust and durable than their predecessor.

As before, the new model is characterized by an IP54 protection class and is therefore also suitable for harsh production environments. On top of that, the electromagnetic ABS induction transmitter ensures reliable measurement even in environments with dust and splash water. (jv)

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