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More Comfort And Precision With Corel-CAD

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More Comfort And Precision With Corel-CAD
More Comfort And Precision With Corel-CAD

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Corel-CAD 2017 2D and 3D CAD software from Corel promises professional results even faster thanks to many new functions and improvements in detail. The highlights of the new version include updated tools for 2D drawing creation, which should enable a natural transition from 2D to advanced 3D design.

New in Corel-CAD 2017:

  • Exact centerline construction creates precise centerlines between line, arc, and polyline segment pairs.
  • Patterns along paths: The extended drawing functions of the new pattern command help to quickly create copies of defined objects along a path - for example a line, a polyline, an arc, a circle, an ellipse or a spline.
  • The intelligent trim functions now also cut and edit hatches and single or multi-color gradient fillings quickly and precisely.
  • Automatic completion of commands simplifies the workflow with the new automatic completion function for command and variable names.
  • Dimension sharing divides dimension lines and extension lines of dimension objects where they intersect other shapes. Previously divided dimensioning and extension lines can be connected again.
  • Seamlessly moving objects is easier than before using the Change Area command: This allows objects to be moved from the model work area to a layout sheet and in the opposite direction.
  • The advanced block attribute editing changes the block attribute values ​​and the textual representation of inserted blocks in a drawing to highlight relevant information about certain parts or components.

Access designs and ideas everywhere

An intuitive and customizable user interface helps create high quality graphics. The native support of the DWG format and support of the formats DXF, DWF, PDF and many other common formats ensures easy collaboration with colleagues and suppliers. The Corel-CAD Mobile Android app also enables users to access their designs and ideas in any work environment.

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Complete workflow for technical graphics

Corel-CAD 2017 on Windows supports Corel-Draw (CDR) and Corel Designer (DES) file formats, enabling a complete workflow for technical graphics using Corel products. This means that graphics can be imported from Corel Draw, converted into 3D models in Corel CAD and the constructions can be used with Corel Designer in technical documentation. Under Windows, Corel-CAD 2017 also has a customizable interface with ribbon and supports Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Applications (VSTA).

Corel-CAD 2017 is still available for Windows and Mac OS. (mz)

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