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Volkswagen Shows Study Of An Electric Bulli

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Volkswagen Shows Study Of An Electric Bulli
Volkswagen Shows Study Of An Electric Bulli

Video: Volkswagen Shows Study Of An Electric Bulli

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Video: 100% electric VW Microbus with Tesla batteries 2023, January

At the International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit, Volkswagen presented its vision of a microbus of the future. The ID Buzz is based on the Group's modular electrification kit, is just under 4.95 meters long, 1.98 m wide and 1.96 high. Future visions are the fully automated driving mode and a new generation of display and control elements. The range of the up to eight-seat ID Buzz should be up to 600 kilometers in the standard cycle. The vehicle can also be charged inductively. Charging should take around 30 minutes to around 80 percent - assuming a charging power of 150 kW. The battery is mounted in the vehicle floor. The all-wheel drive has a system output of 275 kW / 374 hp, each with an electric motor with 150 kW on the front and rear axles. The study accelerates to 100 km / h in about five seconds,the top speed is limited to 160 km / h.

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Fully autonomous driving mode

In the fully autonomous "ID Pilot" mode, which VW says will be conceivable from 2025, the steering wheel moves back towards the cockpit, and the driver can turn his seat backwards and turn towards the passengers. The so-called multivariable seating landscape allows the electrified Bulli to be transformed into a moving conference room. Laser scanners, ultrasound sensors, radar sensors, area view cameras and front cameras record the surroundings in autonomous mode, the vehicle receives additional traffic data via the cloud. The van uses AR (Augmented Reality) head-up display to project the most important information into the driver's field of vision - in 3D, virtually on the road. Features such as the infotainment and climate functions can be operated using a removable tablet.

The essential controls for driving are located in the steering wheel. Its interior is not - as is common today - equipped with spokes and buttons, but has a kind of touchpad. The undercarriage is equipped with electronically controlled dampers and is said to provide luxury comfort. Volkswagen plans to launch a whole family of ID models on the market from 2020. At the Paris Motor Show 2016, the brand already presented the ID - a model slightly below the Golf.

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