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Schneider Electric Presents Decentralized Drive System

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Schneider Electric Presents Decentralized Drive System
Schneider Electric Presents Decentralized Drive System

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Video: Altivar Process 6000 - Medium Voltage Drive System from Schneider Electric 2023, February

The remote drive controller Lexium 62 ILD from Schneider Elekctric only requires a single hybrid cable between the amplifier and the three motors. The engine technology of the new drive system can be selected flexibly. Suitable are, for example, servomotors from the Lexium SH3 series - including the new version with a 40 mm flange size -, stainless steel motors in the so-called hygienic design or asynchronous motors.

With this offer, Schneider Electric is responding to the increasing demands of little space in the control cabinet and low costs for assembly and cabling. The need for strong individualization of machine concepts and modular machines with standardized, minimized control cabinets is increasing. Lexium 62 ILD reduces the machine footprint thanks to the decentralized mounting in the machine chassis with protection class IP65 and thus requires up to 90% less control cabinet space compared to a standard solution for control cabinet servo amplifiers.

Because new drive controllers allow the motor performance to be matched much more precisely to the individual load situation of the respective drive solution due to the usability of the entire motor spectrum, Lexium 62 ILD supports the energy efficiency in the system - the energy requirement drops by up to 40%.

Further technical details:

  • Three servo drives with the electronics already used in the Lexium 62 ILM were combined into one device with protection class IP65, including all connections and heat sinks.
  • The amplifiers deliver 3 x 6 A continuous output current or 3 x 24 A peak current.
  • Optional slots for I / O or safety modules for safe, reduced speed (SLS) are already provided.

The drive system can be freely combined with the existing drive concepts in the Pacdrive3 automation system (control cabinet servo amplifier Lexium 62/52 and integrated servo drives Lexium 62 ILM) and also opens up the option for the decentralized version of Lexium 62 to control asynchronous motors with servo drives. The higher scalability with regard to the motor variants and the larger speed range of the Lexium 62 ILD enables higher cycle rates for machines and systems compared to the Lexium 62 ILM servo drives. The one-cable solution complements the existing product portfolio and is particularly suitable for applications in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

In addition to the triple power amplifier that is already available, a single power amplifier for a drive with application such as for the area of ​​belt drives will follow shortly.

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