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Bobby Cars Of The Luxury Class From The 3D Printer

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Bobby Cars Of The Luxury Class From The 3D Printer
Bobby Cars Of The Luxury Class From The 3D Printer

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Video: Czinger 21C: the world’s first 3D printed hypercar | Top Gear 2023, February

The case study attached here is intended to show how the challenge of inexpensive production of high-quality components can be met by means of additive manufacturing of components and tools adapted to the batch sizes. Like automobile manufacturers, and thus the great role models on the street, Bobby Tailor founder Steffen de Bochdanovits discovered a niche with business potential in 2015: offering tailor-made luxury small editions of real automobiles in Bobby Car style. Inspired by his own relatives and supported by his network, the idea of ​​Bobby Tailor began to take shape in the same year: handmade leather seats, spectacular alloy wheels, high-quality electronics and sophisticated applications now raise the concept of simple walkers to a particularly exclusive level.

How do the costs stay on the carpet?

With the help of flagship stores from automobile manufacturers, hotels and an exclusive private clientele, a correspondingly solvent target group was identified - but despite a functioning niche and a target group that likes to spend more on quality, the costs were not allowed to get out of hand. It was therefore important to integrate the sought-after individuality with high quality into a corresponding price structure. That counts all the more, because the high degree of customizability, which had to be registered from the beginning, made one-offs to be expected again and again.

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The problem of the object …

In addition to this challenge, Steffen de Bochdanovits had to face a completely different topic at the beginning: some of his ideas could not be realized technologically using conventional production methods. In particular, "aluminum rims" - as with the originals a special eye-catcher - turned out to be a tricky object: "It is in itself impossible to mill the aluminum rims. Apart from the costs, many designs would not have been feasible with this size due to the lack of individualization,”explains the Bobby Tailor founder.

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