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Pervasive Intelligence

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Pervasive Intelligence
Pervasive Intelligence

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Video: Pervasive Intelligence for All Scenarios 2023, February

The two signal tower series "Kombi-Sign 40" and "Clear-Sign" not only impress with a homogeneous illuminated image, but also guarantee 360 ​​° visibility thanks to the Omni-View dome. Both ranges are slim and reserved and equipped with modern lighting technology and protection class IP66. This enables use under harsh conditions and the signal towers can withstand extreme temperature fluctuations.

Signal tower with radio option

Real-time error message

IO-Link advantage

The integrated IO-Link interface is a plus point of the two signal tower series. It enables simplified control of the signal tower via a master port. Different operating modes can be selected in the parameters. This enables the lighting image, colors and light intensity to be adapted to the respective needs.

Fill levels and temperature conditions are easy to visualize: The column fills up continuously and changes color when critical conditions are reached. All of these functions can be programmed via the IO-Link-capable PLC.

The modular concept provides a wide range of lighting and acoustic elements from the company's product portfolio and a comprehensive range of accessories is designed to guarantee the best possible solution for all types of installation. (br)

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