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EOS Consulting Division With A New Name And Expanded Portfolio

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EOS Consulting Division With A New Name And Expanded Portfolio
EOS Consulting Division With A New Name And Expanded Portfolio

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The consulting division is based on three pillars: Consulting, the Innovation Center and the Additive Minds Academy. EOS gathers an interdisciplinary team of experts with several years of industry experience in their respective disciplines, who share a great enthusiasm for this technology. They allow customers an even faster learning curve with regard to this innovative technology and real competitive advantages.

Additive Minds Consulting: Development and technology consulting

As a catalyst in development projects, consultants in strategic questions or technological experts, Additive Manufacturing Consultants respond individually to customer requirements. The range of topics offered covers the entire cycle: from a basic understanding of the technology, through the selection of components for AM production, through design and AM-compliant construction to scaling and validation of production. This means that customers can draw on the know-how of Additive Minds in every phase.

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Additive Minds Innovation Center: nucleus for innovation

With the Additive Minds Innovation Center, EOS is expanding its range of consulting services, thereby creating the nucleus for innovation. Interested companies send a team of engineers and technicians to EOS, who are looked after very closely by the experts from Additive Minds in 6-18 months and who develop new applications all the way to production readiness. After completing this phase, the team can immediately start production in their own company, gaining an enormous lead over their competitors. If desired, this model can also be implemented as a "Center of Excellence" at the customer's site.

Additive Minds Academy: trainings, workshops, e-learning

An accompanying, general transfer of knowledge on the subject of additive manufacturing will take place in the future as part of the Additive Minds Academy. In addition to training and workshops, EOS has also developed its own training program. In cooperation with the University of Wolverhampton and the SRH Hochschule Berlin, the participants are trained to become an “AM Application Engineer” in six months by changing intensive learning blocks and practical application. The first participants will start their studies in February 2017. (qui)

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