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Process Castings Directly On Site

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Process Castings Directly On Site
Process Castings Directly On Site

Video: Process Castings Directly On Site

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Video: Casting Process & Tour of a Cast Iron Factory 2023, January

The Schmiedeberger foundry, a subsidiary of Dihag Holding, has invested one million euros in a new production hall. Since October 2016, the castings produced can be mechanically processed further at the Dippoldiswalde location. The company is thus expanding its capacities and range of services in machining: From design advice to casting production from a wide range of iron casting materials, the company now offers complete series production.

New production hall enables contract manufacturing

Quality control using a 3D measuring machine
Quality control using a 3D measuring machine

13 CNC machines, two 3D coordinate measuring machines and a tool shop for the production of fixtures are available in the new production hall for the mechanical processing of castings. "With the investment, we can also meet individual requirements," explains Andreas Mannschatz, technical director of the Schmiedeberger foundry. With the expansion of capacities in mechanical processing, the company now also offers contract manufacturing.

The production hall was built as part of the takeover of the insolvent Pirna transmission works. In July 2016, SG CNC Machining GmbH, a subsidiary of the Schmiedeberger foundry, took over the systems and around half of the specialist staff from the insolvent transmission plant. (kj)

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