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Diagnostic Tool For Robot Applications

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Diagnostic Tool For Robot Applications
Diagnostic Tool For Robot Applications

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Video: Safe Robotics: Safe sequence monitoring | SICK AG 2023, January

The IMS monitors the status of the robot and the robot tool during the production process. Changes to the robot and the robot tool are recognized, logged and reported to the system operator. The system operator can use the restore function to return the robot and the robot tool to their original state. This is absolutely necessary after a collision, after replacing the wrist or an engine. Time-consuming teaching is not necessary. The big advantage is that the application is always operated with the original ideally configured robot paths and settings. Fast servicing of the application is also guaranteed in the event of service.

Flexible and very precise machining cells

The system has already been integrated into robot applications from various customers. One of these applications is flexible and very precise machining cells. The cells are equipped as standard with a TX90 machining robot, a machining spindle, changing station for the automated changing of the milling cutters and a rotating table that works synchronously with the robot to hold the workpiece. The milling programs for the robot including the external axis are generated offline.

The system plays a crucial role in the robot cell. Diagnostics and the ability to automatically restore the complex machining programs for the robot give the customer maximum productivity. In addition, the following important functions are performed in the application: measuring the external axis, measuring the milling cutter and measuring the workpiece. Only through these functions is it possible to run robot paths created offline without time-consuming manual corrections by the installer. (jv)

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