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Compact Cooling Unit Expands E-Cool 6000 Series

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Compact Cooling Unit Expands E-Cool 6000 Series
Compact Cooling Unit Expands E-Cool 6000 Series

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Video: ETS Colibri® | the electric expansion valves from Danfoss Cool | video 2023, February

Pfannenberg has expanded its E-Cool 6000 series with the compact cooling unit 6301C. The new air conditioning units are equipped in the standard outputs 1000 W and 1500 W as well as with standard controller (SC) or multicontroller (MC). MC devices also have an energy-saving mode as standard. Their performance and their compact size should enable use in many applications and save valuable space in or on the control cabinet. A service interface allows external parameterization and reading out the error memory via a PC.

Thermal management

Design experts recommend Pfannenberg roof-mounted cooling units

Significantly lower total device volume

The cooling unit 6301C is available in versions for door or side mounting (DTS) and partially recessed mounting (DTI). With dimensions of 962 mm (DTI) or 968 mm (DTS) × 410 mm × 253 mm (height / width / depth), it is significantly more compact than the standard models with the same performance. For comparison: The cooling unit 6301 in standard size measures 1539 mm × 485 mm × 218 mm (height / width / depth). The total device volume of the compact devices is thus almost 40% lower.

In energy-saving mode, an additional temperature sensor enables the fan to be switched on and off automatically depending on the measured temperature in the interior of the control cabinet. The multimaster function of the MC controllers is intended to ensure a constant temperature, even in large control cabinet groups, through the simultaneous operation of several cooling units. (sh)

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