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RS Components Releases New Version Of Design-Spark

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RS Components Releases New Version Of Design-Spark
RS Components Releases New Version Of Design-Spark

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Video: DesignSpark Mechanical v5 0 - What's New? 2023, January

The Design Spark ecosystem, launched in 2010, offers free online design resources and tools:

  • Design-Spark PCB is a professional schematic capture and PCB design program.
  • Design-Spark Mechanical is an advanced 3D CAD tool based on direct modeling techniques. The third tool in the group is Design-Spark Electrical, a complete CAD package for the electrical system. It is used in the construction of control cabinets, machines and electrical systems.

Design-Spark also offers a huge library of PCB schematics, component footprints and 3D models as well as the new Obsolescence Manager tool. This tool is used by engineers, technicians and buyers to avoid risks from product obsolescence.

Important milestone reached

In addition to the approximately half a million registered members, the distributor has counted hundreds of thousands of user activations for the suite of free software tools under the Design Spark umbrella since its launch. These include: Over 225,000 activations for Design-Spark PCB since 2010 and 200,000 for Design-Spark Mechanical since 2013. In addition, there are almost 35,000 activations for Design-Spark Electrical from 2015. Other very popular tools that are available via Design-Spark include the RS Toolbox with over 48,000 users.

Cooperation ever more important

"Reaching half a million members for Design-Spark is an important milestone," said Alex Von Schirmeister, chief innovation officer at RS. "We are currently experiencing a new form of work in our industry in the course of combining empowerment and democratization of electronics design technology. It also includes greater cooperation. This creates something very valuable not only for professional technicians and engineers from electronics, Mechanics or electrics, traditional electronics markets, but also for other development-related industries, as well as for the maker community and college and university students. Our data show that members are not just information and free software tools download,but also use the Design Spark community to share design expertise and create new content."

Current version of the software

RS has further improved the functionality of the Design Spark website and now offers even easier navigation. It enables users to find content more easily and offer quick purchase options through the local RS website. The site also uses user-generated content for a wide range of electronics and automation / industrial applications.

The Design Spark community can be reached at www.Design-Spark.com. (mz)

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