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Chain Conveyor System Extended Application-oriented

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Chain Conveyor System Extended Application-oriented
Chain Conveyor System Extended Application-oriented

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Last but not least, high competitiveness depends on short time-to-market. The Rexroth Vario Flow Plus chain conveyor system provides the basis for this due to the quick and easy implementation of versatile, complex transport tasks. The system enables flexible, individual solutions, saves space and is quiet. In addition, the planning software MT-Pro supports quick project planning and thus short-term adjustment to changing market requirements.

Electrostatic charge is avoided

With the expansion of the modular system, users can now also use the Vario Flow Plus in the sensitive area of ​​electronics production. The ESD system thus ensures safe avoidance of electrostatic charging, offers a high chain tensile force with a maximum of 600 N and can also be used with the workpiece carrier system.

Compact clean section profiles in stainless steel and stainless steel sliding strips are available for use in abrasive environments. They ensure that falling, wear-causing foreign particles are removed immediately. In addition, users can transport sharp-edged products directly on a steel-covered chain.

Easily expandable

The new drive concept includes a center drive and a transmission kit with which a direct drive can easily be expanded to a transmission drive. Rexroth offers a cost-saving solution especially for spiral storage: With the 90 ° deflection, users can significantly minimize the need for the return chain. New chain types also ensure the safe transport of different products: These include the flocked chain to protect sensitive part surfaces, the gray chain to avoid visual impairments, and roller drivers for ascending and descending sections.

Based on extensive application know-how, Rexroth developed standardized functional solutions such as the barrier for mechanically controlled route merging. These ready-to-use components make it easier for users to implement customer-specific systems without major configuration effort. The application spectrum ranges from simple machine interlinking to special ESD solutions in the field of electronics and safe transport in abrasive environments to stainless steel designs for food & packaging. (jv)

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