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More Than Just Protective Door Protection

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More Than Just Protective Door Protection
More Than Just Protective Door Protection

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Video: Ultra Hardware 59023R1 Stainless Steel Door Protector 2023, January

In the "Modular" version, the MGB2 is equipped with a bus module (MBM) with integrated Profinet / Profisafe. This can either be connected directly to the MGB2 or remotely installed in tight spaces and connected with cables. With the remote bus module, up to two MGB2 modules can be modularly connected to one MBM.

Space for two submodules

Thanks to the modular design, the MGB2 Modular can be variably equipped with different functions. It offers space for two submodules, each with up to three different controls. A submodule can be replaced at any time, even during operation, because the new MGB2 Modular is hot-pluggable.

Like the successful predecessor model, the MGB2 Modular is equipped with a very robust, industrial-grade housing and has an integrated metal door stop and an integrated mounting plate. The assembly can be done on left and right hinged doors as well as on sliding doors. The locking force of 2000 N effectively prevents the safety guard from being opened unintentionally. The MGB2 Modular meets the requirements of all relevant standards such as B. EN ISO 13849-1 and EN ISO 14119. (jv)

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