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Safety Relay Equipped With Multi-reset Function

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Safety Relay Equipped With Multi-reset Function
Safety Relay Equipped With Multi-reset Function

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Video: Troubleshooting a Wiring Fault with Rockwell Automation Guardmaster Safety Relays 2023, January

ABB has launched a new range of safety relays - Sentry. Tobias Blickle, product marketing manager for security products in Germany, explains: “Sentry is a completely new range of security relays that shows how ABB advances basic security products with quality and innovation. We have developed a comprehensive line of products that make things easier where they are needed most: the new Sentry relays are easier to install, make troubleshooting faster, and minimize unnecessary downtime.”

Reset up to 10 safety relays with one reset switch

Both manual and automatic reset can be selected using a switch on the front of the relay. The new multi-reset function enables up to 10 safety relays to be reset with just one reset switch, which simplifies reset procedures and connections and minimizes downtimes. In addition, the number of reset switches required, the length of the cables, the space required, the installation time and, in some applications, the number of safety relays required can be reduced. The Sentry safety relays are connected to each other and communicate via the reset connection, but are not disturbed or influenced by the status of the reset switch.The prerequisite for resetting several Sentry safety relays at the same time is closing all safety circuits and accepting all safety inputs. The function is available for the Sentry safety relays for 24 V DC, which have a manual reset.


Why, why, why - functional principle and areas of application of relays

Basic, single function and universal model as well as safety timer

Four main types are available. The basic model Sentry BSR is suitable, for example, for emergency stop switches and for expanding safety exits. The Sentry SSR single function model is suitable for applications such as two-hand controls and OSSD signals. The security timer Sentry TSR is characterized by its very high accuracy of better than 1% and the universal model Sentry USR for all common security applications offers additional display and configuration options.

“With this new series, ABB has raised important safety technologies to a higher level,” says Blickle. "Every detail of the Sentry range of safety relays complies with quality, design and technology standards in all phases and thus helps to improve productivity for our customers."

Industrial internet

ABB on the steering committee of the Industrial Internet Consortium

Automatic circuit breaker

ABB Stotz-Kontakt produces over 600 pole variants in one batch, even in small batch sizes

Removable clamps are intended to shorten connection and exchange times; powerful outputs up to 6 A save the use of additional contactors; 3-color LEDs enable more status indicators and simplify troubleshooting. Models with an integrated display offer preset configurations and extensive error information to minimize downtime.

Additional reduction of unnecessary downtime

According to the manufacturer, the new timer functions can be set from 0 to 999 seconds with an accuracy of better than 1%, which is currently the highest in the industry. ABB expects this high level of accuracy to further reduce unnecessary downtime.

"Logistics also play an important role in the working life of a product," Blickle explains. "Because ABB safety relays Sentry cover all common applications with a universal model, storage capacities can be effectively optimized, valuable storage space saved and faster delivery to the customer achieved." (Sh)

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