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Four Holes For The Trunk Lid

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Four Holes For The Trunk Lid
Four Holes For The Trunk Lid

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Video: 4-sided CNC carving a female torso with a 3D rotary setup for the Shapeoko 2023, January

With nine building blocks for automation, Tünkers Maschinenbau GmbH has a wide range of modules ready to meet challenges time and again through individual adjustments. So the company based in Ratingen got z. B. the task by a well-known German OEM to introduce the four holes for the license plate in the boot lid.

It should be a simple and inexpensive solution. That is also why the in-house engineers decided against the originally planned concept of using several punch pliers for this.


The robots of the future should be hairy

Derived from the standard C-frame from the Tünkers range, a C-frame was modified to meet customer requirements. The punch, designed as a C-frame, was equipped with an additional column guide for the widely spaced hole points. The drive is provided by a multi-force cylinder, a compressed air cylinder, which achieves the high punching force of 25 kN by means of the toggle lever transmission integrated in the housing. On a stand with an integrated pneumatic valve terminal and an attached angle bracket, the module can make the 4 holes in the 0.8 mm steel sheet in one work step thanks to the individually adapted tool holder.


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