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Visual CAD / CAM Will Appear In Version

Visual CAD / CAM Will Appear In Version
Visual CAD / CAM Will Appear In Version

Video: Visual CAD / CAM Will Appear In Version

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Video: Autodesk PowerMill 2017 Drill & Slot Mill 2023, January

Visual CAD / CAM 2017 contains many extensions and improvements in the modules Visual Mill, Visual Turn, Visual Nest and Visual ART:

  • Automated NC program creation through feature-based processing in solids and mesh models.
  • Simultaneous 4-axis machining - 4-axis milling with a guide surface for real 4-axis milling. With this method, all three linear and one rotary axis can move simultaneously.
  • New method for 2 ½ axis groove milling - with individual cuts or trochoidal toolpaths.
  • Advanced simulation of material removal - simulation for center holes and drilling with chip breaking, material residues can be removed, edges can be shown in the simulated model, colors for machining operations can also be set based on the settings for BOPs, tools and general.

In addition to Visual CAM (stand-alone), there will also be Visual CAM-Mill for Solidworks and Rhino CAM-Mill in the 2017 version. At www.Mecsoft-europe.de you will find, among other things, a free trial version of Visual CAD / CAM 2017 and further information. (mz)

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