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A Pinch Of Boron Makes The Difference

A Pinch Of Boron Makes The Difference
A Pinch Of Boron Makes The Difference

Video: A Pinch Of Boron Makes The Difference

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Thanks to effects that can be specifically set in the microstructure, this alloy with about 0.01% boron has an even higher creep resistance than the previously used heat-resistant steel grades - which affects the mechanical properties at elevated temperatures. With the same continuous loads, higher operating temperatures can be achieved in power plants: up to around 630 ° C. This goes hand in hand with a higher efficiency of up to about 46% (without increasing emissions). This does not only result in a positive environmental aspect. The costs for the power plant operator also decrease significantly.

These CB2 cast components can weigh several tons. The technical challenge in production is the reliable and controlled setting of these microstructure effects. It is not just a matter of precise control of the melt metallurgy. Mastering the subsequent heat treatment and manufacturing welding processes for safe production is extremely important.

Pleissner Guss - accompanied by a large number of its own investigations and a test batch weighing six tons - has proven that its CB2 components meet the most demanding customer requirements. (qui)

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