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Every Movement Under Control

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Every Movement Under Control
Every Movement Under Control

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You encounter them in everyday life as well as in an industrial environment: gas springs offer safety when operating tailgates in automobiles or help furniture flaps in kitchen tall cabinets to be quiet and easy to move. Equipped for extreme loads such as dust, dirt and vibrations, gas springs are also used in the industrial sector to open and close protective covers, maintenance flaps and other machine components. The controlled movement sequence ensures comfort and safety for the user. But every installation situation requires an individual design of the gas springs. At the gas spring manufacturer Suspa, the focus is on the function of the entire application.The gas springs are matched to the requirement profile with regard to kinematics and spring characteristics - even if there are special requirements for the gas spring, e.g. B. harsh environmental pollution such as dust, dirt and moisture. There are tried-and-tested special functions and special equipment for these installation situations.

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Gas springs can effectively replace mechanical springs because they are preloaded with extremely high inflation pressures and do not need to be compressed before they can provide their high forces. The most important advantage compared to mechanical springs: The extension speed can be controlled. The gas volume compressed in the pressure pipe is closed on all sides, the pressure acts on the entire piston surface. The gas spring extends because the surface of the piston is smaller on one side. “If you didn't have damping now, the piston rod would snap out like a normal coil spring.

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The typical structure of a gas spring
The typical structure of a gas spring

This effect is not desirable. That is why the piston, which forms two chambers in the pressure pipe, is provided with a bypass,”explains Andreas Strobel. The gas passes from one chamber to the other. Depending on the size and number of embossings or bores, the speed at which the gas spring extends is defined - the speed of the gas spring can be controlled. A special variant for the path-dependent speed control is the slot gas spring. The piston is completely closed. In contrast, there is a defined recess (groove) in the pressure pipe, in which the gas can exchange itself past the piston between the chambers. The groove can have a different depth in order to influence the gas flow rate.If, for example, the flap of a kitchen cabinet is to be opened quickly at the beginning and only slowly to move up at the last 20 degrees of the opening angle, the groove at the point at which the gas spring should extend quickly is deeper than towards the end of the stroke, where slower extension is required. The gas spring thus achieves a so-called soft stop; the different damping over the entire stroke causes the flap to move smoothly.


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