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Definition And Validation Of Forming Processes Made Easy

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Definition And Validation Of Forming Processes Made Easy
Definition And Validation Of Forming Processes Made Easy

Video: Definition And Validation Of Forming Processes Made Easy

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Video: Verification and Validation Process (V&V Curve) 2023, January

Autoformplus R7 is equipped with new, powerful improvements and functions. Users benefit from greater flexibility and efficiency in the definition and the final safeguarding of all forming processes; especially in hot forming processes and processes in which progressive dies are used, according to the manufacturer.

Autoformplus R7 brings progress in process modeling for hot forming, because this release allows the user to take cooling channels into account. They are simply modeled using 3D curves and the associated diameters. Different layouts of the cooling channels lead to different temperature distributions on the tool surfaces. Hot spots on the surface are therefore easy to recognize and control, depending on the selected layout of the cooling channels.

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Improved simulation of progressive dies

One of the highlights of Autoformplus R7 is the improved planning and simulation of progressive dies. In particular, the following use cases are supported: Import of the tool geometry created in CAD for the final validation of the process, component import for the planning phase and component import for method planning, which includes the creation of the effective surfaces and the simulation. These use cases are supported by new functionalities, which enable the users to plan and simulate progressive tools efficiently.

Systematic process improvement and process robustness

In addition, Autoformplus R7 enables the possibilities of Autoform-Sigmaplus to be exploited, since all pre- and postprocessing functionalities from Sigma are now integrated in Autoform-Process-Explorerplus. Users benefit from the Sigma applications - systematic process improvement and process robustness. This enables users to achieve a highly efficient engineering process and robust component production, while at the same time meeting all quality requirements. (mz)

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