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New Electronic Adhesive For Building Filigree Structures

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New Electronic Adhesive For Building Filigree Structures
New Electronic Adhesive For Building Filigree Structures

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The new electronic adhesive Delo Monopox GE7985 has smaller fillers than previous Dam products from Delo and should therefore be applicable with needles with a diameter of at least 250 µm, which is important in view of the progressive miniaturization. In addition, the adhesive has great stability due to its extremely high viscosity of 160,000 mPas. It should enable an aspect ratio of 2.5. This means that an adhesive bead can be dosed more than twice as high as it is wide without falling over.

The easy-to-use adhesive allows the construction of delicate structures - such as high partitions between two sensors - that take up little space in width. The “Dam Stacking” stacking of the caterpillars is possible without intermediate hardening. In addition to these design options, Delo Monopox GE7985 is said to offer high reliability. According to the manufacturer, it has an extended temperature range up to 200 ° C, low water absorption and very good chemical resistance to acids, oils and other aggressive media.


Light curing even with black adhesives

No delay in the package

In addition, the black, one-component product has a thermal expansion coefficient (CTE) of 24 ppm / K. In conjunction with the high glass transition temperature of 180 ° C, this ensures low warpage over a wide temperature range. This should minimize tensions in the package.

Finally, Delo Monopox GE7985 shows good strengths on the FR4 circuit board material. According to the company, it achieves a compressive shear strength of 49 MPa. Even after 500 hours of storage at 200 ° C, this value should hardly drop and is still 43 MPa.

The adhesive requires heat curing, which can be controlled flexibly, e.g. 20 minutes at 150 ° C or 90 minutes at 125 ° C. Since the adhesive does not flow, Delo does not change the aspect ratio. The height of the adhesive bead does not change after hot curing. (sh)

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