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Bürkert And Siemens Combine Their Know-how

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Bürkert And Siemens Combine Their Know-how
Bürkert And Siemens Combine Their Know-how

Video: Bürkert And Siemens Combine Their Know-how

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Video: Bürkert at Home: 8619 Multicell Tutorial 2023, January

The valve terminal was developed for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries as well as for the cosmetics industry or water treatment. Together with different Siemens modules, it can be installed in the control cabinet to save space and controls up to 64 valve functions. The valves are directly connected to the Siemens I / O system. This enables fast and seamless integration both during commissioning and later when monitoring ongoing operations. The display of the number of operating cycles makes it possible to maintain the system in a preventive and wear-optimized manner and thus to minimize downtimes. The pneumatic valves in the supply duct also ensure maximum system availability: they are hot-swappable and can be replaced during operation.

Adhesive technology in criticism

Bonding: insufficient

Fast reaction

The AirLINE SP Type 8647 valve terminal contains pressure sensors and an LC display that shows detailed status information such as the position of the pilot and process valves directly on the device - both symbolically and in plain text. In this way, errors can be quickly identified and eliminated. Ring topology and media redundancy protocol (MRP) ensure that the system continues to work even if one of the communication participants fails. This increases the reliability of the system and ensures increased process reliability for the customer.

Media mixes excluded

Like all Bürkert valve terminals, the Type 8647 also has a crucial safety function: check valves in the ventilation duct. They ensure that pilot valves and actuators work reliably since they cannot be influenced by pressure peaks. Mixing media is excluded in any case. (br)

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