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Strong Magnetic Gripper For Hot Parts

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Strong Magnetic Gripper For Hot Parts
Strong Magnetic Gripper For Hot Parts

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Video: Powerful Magnetic Grippers for Hot Parts & Ferromagnetic Workpieces | Schmalz 2023, February

Secure gripping is made possible by the magnetic field of an integrated permanent magnet. Compressed air moves the magnet to activate and deactivate the gripping process. Thus, no voltage source is required. A low compressed air level is sufficient to control the gripper and ensures reliable operation even when the compressed air supply fluctuates. Due to the bistable design of the magnetic gripper, process-safe, so-called fail-safe operation is guaranteed even in the event of a drop in compressed air: the workpiece remains securely gripped even if the power supply fails, because the magnetic position "gripping" or "depositing" is maintained.

Compact and light

Thanks to the aluminum housing, the grippers are compact and light. Schmalz offers a wide range of accessories for the new series, such as systems for individual mounting options via fastening threads for holders on three sides. It is also possible to block several grippers directly next to one another. For the first time, optional extensions to the gripping surface also ensure optimal handling of round and non-flat workpieces such as pipes. They can be individually adapted to the respective workpiece.

Schmalz offers different sizes and two variants: The HP version (High Performance) generates high holding forces for particularly heavy workpieces with low residual holding force. An exchangeable friction ring made of low-impression material absorbs high lateral forces while protecting the surface. The gripping surface diameter for the HP variant ranges from 20 to 50 mm and achieves significantly higher holding forces compared to the current SGM series.

Process-reliable use of the gripper

An optional sensor for piston control ensures the reliable use of the magnetic gripper by detecting the piston position. The sensor is equipped with two LEDs that visually show the position of the piston.

The HT (High Temperature) variant is suitable for handling in the high temperature range, for example when hot sheets have to be moved in hot forming processes in the automotive industry. The workpiece temperatures are usually around 250 ° C. Depending on the process, the SGM HT magnetic gripper can also grip sheets with higher temperatures. A friction element made of high temperature resistant elastomer is optionally available. This protects the surface of the workpiece and enables high lateral forces. The gripping surface diameter for the HT variant ranges from 30 to 50 mm. (jv)

Hannover Messe 2017: Hall 17, Stand E26

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