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Carbon Fiber Instead Of Metal

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Carbon Fiber Instead Of Metal
Carbon Fiber Instead Of Metal

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Whether double-acting cylinders or plunger cylinders, Mark Hydraulik GmbH develops and designs all types of hydraulic cylinders. For the development of the ultra-light hydraulic cylinders, Mark relied on a team of technicians, metallurgists, plastics specialists and researchers. Mark is therefore also a member of the lightweight construction platform A2LT, Austrian Advanced Lightweight Technology. The cooperative development of new products and technologies in the field of lightweight construction is the main purpose of this Austrian initiative. Mark used the expertise of the partners from the platform in his development.

Well thought out and patented

Conventional hydraulic cylinders are mostly made of steel. A metal pipe is welded or screwed to two end parts. Mark has rethought every single part of the cylinder and optimized it in terms of construction and materials. Mark now produces the cylinder tubes using a patented winding process made of carbon fiber. The carbon fiber stretches like steel, so it is tensioned after the winding process and during assembly. Patents have already been granted for this preload and for the oil supply. For the - also patented - end caps Mark used his 100 years of deep drawing knowledge. These deep-drawn metal caps compact the carbon jacket at the cylinder ends.


The perfect slope

Clear advantages

"The higher purchase costs are quickly compensated for by the increased functionality and energy savings in use," says Ing. Alfred Kindl, who coordinates the developments at Mark. Because in addition to the reduced weight, the slim design and the associated simpler installation, customers are also convinced that the cylinders are largely corrosion-free, Kindl is certain.


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