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VDMA Is Not Afraid Of Brexit Or Trump

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VDMA Is Not Afraid Of Brexit Or Trump
VDMA Is Not Afraid Of Brexit Or Trump

Video: VDMA Is Not Afraid Of Brexit Or Trump

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Video: The parallels between Trump and Brexit | FT Comment 2023, February

"Despite all the uncertainties, we hope for moderate growth," said VDMA President Carl Martin Welcker in an interview with the Südwest Presse (Saturday edition) when asked about his expectations for 2017. At the end of last year, incoming orders had picked up momentum. "If this continues, there could also be a positive surprise."

German mechanical engineering is not the focus of Trump

Welcker also took a relaxed attitude to the latest development in the United States under the new President Donald Trump in the newspaper talk. In any case, he does not expect Trump to focus on German mechanical engineering and that significant trade barriers can be expected in the short term. "This speaks for the fact that there is hardly any American competition for many of our products," said the VDMA President confidently. He looked at the challenge posed by Brexit for German machine builders with a similar level of calm. He expects trade agreements between Great Britain and the EU 27 and therefore not with dramatic consequences.

Annual forecast

Despite uncertainty, ZVEI expects growth for the electronics industry

Welcker praised the industrial middle class for adapting to the changes associated with digitalization. “18 or 12 months ago there were problems up to a lack of awareness of what digitization means. When I see what is happening in many places with our members today, it is dynamic and forward-looking.”In many places, SMEs have even become the driver of this development.

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