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New Simulation Software For Topology Optimization In Solidworks

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New Simulation Software For Topology Optimization In Solidworks
New Simulation Software For Topology Optimization In Solidworks

Video: New Simulation Software For Topology Optimization In Solidworks

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With Solidworks Simulation, you can precisely and cost-effectively simulate the behavior of a design under given load cases. Within the familiar Solidworks environment, Tru-Form SW guides you through the development of the lightest, most cost-effective structures, thereby reducing development and thus time to market. The software calculates the optimal material distribution within a design space based on defined sets of loads and clamps, taking into account the stress distribution.

Supplementing the topic of getting fit for lightweight construction solutions

The 2nd User Meeting for Lightweight Construction at the Construction Practice Academy will take place on May 30 and 31, 2017 in Würzburg. It is aimed at product developers and designers in machine, plant, equipment and vehicle construction, whose task is to reduce the weight of components so that energy and material can be saved or costs can be reduced.

While the basics of material, constructive and production engineering lightweight construction were taught at the 1st user meeting for lightweight construction, this year the event deepens the topics of material selection, topology optimization, additive manufacturing and composite materials.

Lectures provide information about the latest developments and show best practice examples. There are also practice forums and an exhibition. www.anwendertreff- Leichtbau.de

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Tru-Form SW in practice

Tru-Form simply represents an extension of the simulation process. The optimization can take place at the level preferred by the user. It can take place on a given design space as the end of the construction or, according to the right-first-time approach, provide the basic form for detailing. The innovation potential, which results from the use of Tru-Form SW in the initial design, is particularly attractive. The software can also assist in resolving structural rigidity and strength issues while a component is under development.

An example from manufacturing

A typical bicycle crank load case serves to illustrate the functions of Tru-Form. The construction started as a normal bicycle pedal crank. The chain and axis were represented by constraints. The force applied by a cyclist was represented by a 750 N load on the pedal with the example results displayed for a position.

After the load confirmation through simulation studies, an optimization in Tru-Form SW was carried out. The crank set without pedal, axle and sprocket was chosen as the design element to be optimized. The previously defined set of load and storage conditions was simply adopted in the simulation study.

Optimized designs with less weight

The target mass has been left at the Tru-Form standard setting and is 30% of the original mass of the design space. The result was then imported as a graphic body. The Tru-Form results were then used to change and improve the part. The areas of the previous part that were not required were removed using sketch and cut functions. Finally, chamfers and fillets brought an optimized construction with 24% weight reduction.

You can find more information at DPS.. (mz)

The first user meeting on lightweight construction at the engineering practice academy provides a lot of information about topology optimization:

1st user meeting for lightweight construction provided comprehensive information
1st user meeting for lightweight construction provided comprehensive information

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