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Clever Products Related To Cycling Awarded

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Clever Products Related To Cycling Awarded
Clever Products Related To Cycling Awarded

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Video: Five Taiwan Excellence Award Winning Cycling Brands Showcase Latest Innovations 2023, January

This year's winners of the Design & Innovation Award include the E-Mountainbike Delite Mountain and the E-Cargobike Packster Nuvinci from the premium e-bike manufacturer Riese & Müller.

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The Design & Innovation Award was founded in 2013 and is the leading award of the bicycle industry. Its claim goes far beyond what existing awards require. The goal is to sustainably improve the international bicycle industry, create inspiration, formulate trends and impart know-how across borders. The submitted products are tested, checked and discussed intensively by an experienced team from the magazines Enduro Mountainbike, E-Mountainbike and Gran Fondo Cycling. Insider knowledge from pioneering talks with the bike industry and from outside the industry are also included in the award.


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"We are very happy to be among the winners in two categories at the Design & Innovation Award," says Markus Riese, Managing Director at Riese & Müller. "It confirms us in our work and honors us very much to be recognized among the best and most innovative products in 2017."

Dual battery concept is convincing

The Delite Mountain was awarded in the category "E-mountain bikes". It should stand out with its high-quality frame, the Control Technology with full suspension and the grippy mountain bike tires. The dual battery technology and components such as a permanently installed light and the drinking bottles on the side of the head tube increase suitability for touring. The dual battery technology provides two Bosch batteries, which should significantly increase the range.

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The chameleon among bicycles

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Electric drive to take away

The Packster Nuvinci received its winner award in the “Urban” category. It should convince with its clear minimalist design language and good handling even with a full load. Double the range thanks to the dual battery concept and the powerful Bosch Performance CX motor also support on long tours. There were also points for the variability in the accessories. Finally, the Packster is described as a "groundbreaking e-cargo bike".

The Innovation & Design Award is presented in the seven categories of equipment, e-mountain bikes, components, mountain bikes, road, urban and tourism. You can find all the winners for 2017 here. (sh)

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