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Test And Measurement Technology For Switchgear

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Test And Measurement Technology For Switchgear
Test And Measurement Technology For Switchgear

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Many screws in the production process can be adjusted so that machines and systems become more economical and efficient. The protection of life and limb always remains the top priority - in industrial production and process technology as well as in infrastructure projects. Of course, real assets should also be protected. Optimal security measures come at a price, but doing without them is often much more expensive. Therefore, users should invest in suitable measurement and testing equipment when planning, installing and modernizing machines and systems.

When installing electrical systems and switchgear, legal requirements must also be met. When setting up, testing, servicing and maintaining systems, provisions and ordinances apply - such as the Industrial Safety Ordinance (BetrSichV) or the accident prevention regulation of the BG according to BGV A3. These provisions regulate the exact process of testing and maintenance of machines and systems - including the work equipment to be used. In the event of a new installation or maintenance, all work equipment used for the test must be qualified and comply with the BetrSichV § 10.

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More security increases availability

Downtime caused by improper installation or inadequate maintenance continues to be one of the main cost drivers of industrial production. Reducing downtimes is therefore one of the most important measures when it comes to reducing operating costs, because failures often affect downstream processes - right down to the end customer or consumer at the end of the supply chain. The cost factor is also so high because a late delivery to the end customer can result in contractual penalties.

In order to minimize or avoid these downtimes as much as possible, machines and systems must be checked and serviced at regular intervals using the appropriate equipment. Maintenance work of this type forms a factor that can be influenced in a preventive manner with regard to a continuously functioning switchgear without downtimes. Depending on the system, the maintenance intervals vary, which in turn are reciprocal to the personnel costs. The market offers suitable equipment - such as multimeters, current clamps and voltage testers - in a hardly manageable variety. However, the quality is different: Among the multimeters, there are often devices that do not use high-quality fuses and then do not meet the current safety standards.

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