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Big Kaiser Appoints New Managing Director

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Big Kaiser Appoints New Managing Director
Big Kaiser Appoints New Managing Director

Video: Big Kaiser Appoints New Managing Director

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Video: BIG KAISER Corporate Video 2023, January

Big Kaiser, manufacturer of precision tools and systems for the metalworking industry, has appointed Taku Ichii as the new managing director. He will take over from Peter Elmer on March 1, 2017.

Elmer made the switch to Industry 4.0

The previous managing director Peter Elmer has contributed to the establishment of the company, according to the company. Big Kaiser describes him as the driving force behind the transformation to modern machining technology, combined with the entry into Industry 4.0 with software and electronic peripheral devices.

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“Big Kaiser has been an important part of my life for the past decade. I am proud to hand over a world-class company to my successor,”says Elmer. "I have worked closely with Taku Ichii over the past four years and I am confident that he will lead the company superbly."

Ichii: Technical background and management experience

Taku Ichii started his career in 2004 at Big Daishowa, the parent company of Big Kaiser. He has a technical background and international management experience. He has worked for Big Kaiser for the past four years and has become familiar with Switzerland and Swiss culture. Together with Reto Adam, Operations Manager, Giampaolo Roccatello, Sales Manager, Corinne Bucher, Finance Manager and Ralph Stadelmann, Development Manager, Taku Ichii will form the management.

The supervisory board confirms that Taku Ichii played an important role in the development of the corporate strategy and thanks Peter Elmer for his commitment to the company. (kj)

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