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Ansys 18 Integrates An IoT Platform For Simulating Digital Twins

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Ansys 18 Integrates An IoT Platform For Simulating Digital Twins
Ansys 18 Integrates An IoT Platform For Simulating Digital Twins

Video: Ansys 18 Integrates An IoT Platform For Simulating Digital Twins

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Video: Creating a Digital Twin with ANSYS 2023, February

“With Ansys 18, both less and very experienced engineers can now use our technical simulation software over the entire product life cycle. The next generation of Ansys' industry-leading technical simulation software is based on decades of cutting-edge technology for the most comprehensive and accurate digital prototypes in all major areas of physics, electronics and embedded software,”emphasizes Thomas Zanzinger, Managing Director of Ansys Germany. "This feature-rich version extends the limits of simulation in the run-up to the development process through digital research and then through the use of digital twins, as well as the expansion of the simulation to the operation and maintenance of the products."

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Find the optimal product design more easily

Simulation is applied over the entire product life cycle and gives engineers the opportunity to map additional options - a trend that Ansys calls 'pervasive engineering simulation'. The simplified user-friendliness of Ansys Simulation allows more users to take advantage of the simulation early on in the design process. The higher scalability should allow users an almost infinite choice when evaluating the optimal product design. Ansys 18 also integrates an Internet of Things platform for simulating digital twins in operation.

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Looking for a digital twin in mechanical engineering

Optimization using the digital twin

Simulation applications are expanded by generating digital twins. The virtual representation of individual operating systems enables their performance and productivity to be increased. Sensors on the machines transmit operating data - temperature, vibration, impact, load - to the digital twin. Continuous feedback enables engineers to optimize the operation of a machine or system and predict adverse conditions long before they occur. If Ansys 18 is used in combination with partner applications such as GE Predix or PTC Thingworx, users can generate digital twins and create predictive analyzes to optimize the performance and operation of their products in practice, the manufacturer states.

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What-if concepts improve development

Early design decisions have a major impact on product costs. Thanks to the potential of Ansys' 18 digital research, users can test hundreds of “what-if” concepts in the early design phase and test product performance for strengths, performance, thermal and electrical properties, pressure, flow rate and various other requirements. Digital research enables designers and product engineers to determine optimal combinations while excluding others to save time and money.

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Like an iPhone for simulation

Reduce costs and time-to-market

“New technologies and changing customer expectations are driving a fundamental change in the manufacture and marketing of products. Simulation plays a crucial role in this because it provides engineers with the resources they need to optimize and redesign products throughout their entire life cycle,”summarizes Thomas Zanzinger. “With Ansys 18, users can use a leading simulation solution in advance of the development process to quickly evaluate changes in the design and the subsequent product life cycle and to analyze operational data in real time. Companies receive groundbreaking data to promote innovation, operational efficiency and product quality while reducing costs and time to market.”(Mz)

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