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Lubrication-free Linear Axes From The 3D Printer

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Lubrication-free Linear Axes From The 3D Printer
Lubrication-free Linear Axes From The 3D Printer

Video: Lubrication-free Linear Axes From The 3D Printer

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Video: Lubricating a 3D Printer 2023, February

Igus uses lubrication- and maintenance-free linear axes in many moving applications, in the automobile as well as in the packaging machine. Among them is the flat Drylin SLT series, which has a drive with ball-bearing, laterally arranged spindles with trapezoidal or steep thread and is said to be suitable for motorized and manual operation. The Drylin SLTI3 linear stage supplements this series with a flexible system. The number of components was reduced so that the linear table can be assembled very quickly, according to the manufacturer. Customized stroke lengths and trapezoidal or high helix threads are possible. With the complete linear slide from the 3D printer, Igus promises new freedom in design.

Self-lubricating and low-wear material

3D printing is suitable for realizing individual wishes in detail. The customer quickly receives his individual linear table. The Iglidur I3 material is used for the Drylin SLTI3 linear table, the material from Igus for selective laser sintering, with which the manufacturer promises to precisely manufacture even complex shapes. The process can produce high-strength components on which support structures with subsequent reworking are no longer necessary. Tests in the Igus test laboratory with counterparts made of different materials have shown that the material is at least three times more abrasion-resistant than other SLS materials, both in the swiveling and rotating as well as in the linear movement. The 3D printing service from Igus promises efficient production of individual items or small series.(kj)

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