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New Encoders In A Stainless Steel Housing

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New Encoders In A Stainless Steel Housing
New Encoders In A Stainless Steel Housing

Video: New Encoders In A Stainless Steel Housing

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Video: Encoders from SICK - Robust Stainless Steel DFS60 Inox & AFS AFM60 Inox Encoders 2023, February

With a high total resolution of 18 bit (AFS60 Inox) or 30 bit (AFM60 Inox) and a large selection of programmable parameters, the AFS60 absolute singleturn encoder and the AFM60 absolute multiturn encoder complement Sick's range of stainless steel encoders. The high resolution, the high degree of IP protection and the stainless steel housing enable use in applications under harsh environmental conditions with high requirements for resistance to aggressive media such as cleaning agents or salt.

Easy to program

The encoders are equipped with the SSI interface; the AFM60 Inox is also available with the combined interfaces SSI + Incremental and SSI + Sin / Cos. Both encoders can be programmed using the PC-based PGT-08-S programming device or the PGT-10-Pro handheld programming device.

The DFS60 Inox is a high-resolution incremental encoder with a 60 mm diameter in a stainless steel design. It offers a wide variety of mechanical and electrical interfaces and can also be programmed by the customer on request. The robust mechanical structure, the large temperature range and the protection class IP 67 make the DFS60 Inox the ideal encoder for applications in harsh environmental conditions. Unique on the market are the various possibilities for programming the electrical parameters, such as the level of the output signal, the number of pulses per revolution or the zero pulse width.

Both encoders are particularly suitable for use in the food and beverage industry, in packaging machines, in medical technology and in outdoor applications in port or offshore systems.


First optical, open absolute encoder with functional safety


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