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Hermetic Connectors For Extreme Applications

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Hermetic Connectors For Extreme Applications
Hermetic Connectors For Extreme Applications

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Their area of ​​application is always exceptional: extreme pressure, great ups and downs or difficult weather conditions. The hermetic connectors from Hummel AG are used in the toughest environments. They should reliably protect against moisture, dirt, dust and pressure differences. They are used in the aerospace industry, in medical technology, in the navy, in mining as well as in energy, environmental and laboratory technology. The location can be a submarine or a satellite, an oil rig or a nuclear power plant, a navigation instrument or a medical device.

Gold-plated contacts and insulating bodies made of sintered glass

With his many years of experience, the French connector specialist Jaeger Connecteurs - a subsidiary of Hummel - is one of the pioneers of sophisticated connection solutions. The range includes hermetic plugs with three to 52 contacts as device connectors or as wall bushings. The connectors are available as welded-in versions or in different screw versions. High-quality materials should also allow use in the high-voltage area.

The connector housing is made of stainless steel, optionally gold-plated. Particular attention is paid to the contact inserts for hermetic connectors. Because the requirements for air, gas and pressure resistance are very high. The Hummel plugs have gold-plated contacts and an insulating body made of sintered glass between the pin and the housing. This is to ensure high mechanical strength and tightness. The result is a permanently permissible pressure difference of 50 bar, a helium leak rate of less than 10-9 mbar l / s and an operating temperature of –50 ° C to 125 ° C. (sh)

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