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Customer-specific Valves For Analysis And Medical Technology

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Customer-specific Valves For Analysis And Medical Technology
Customer-specific Valves For Analysis And Medical Technology

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More than 80% of Asco's miniature solenoid valves sold in analysis and medical technology are customized. Asco has expertise in the market for medical technology in the provision of application-specific valves, for example for dialysis machines, anesthesia machines, respiratory systems (emergency, home nursing and hospital) or decubitus mattresses for hospital beds. Tailor-made valves for analysis technology are used, for example, in devices that analyze blood or gas samples.

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The manufacture of a special valve requires the use of different parts (standard or special parts) in order to be able to fully meet customer requirements. The individual adaptation of a valve is made possible by the availability of special housings, electrical connections or technical characteristics (pressure, flow, etc.). Asco has received numerous requests for custom-made products in the recent past, such as B. for special blocks made of plastic injection molding with several valves that contain pressure sensors, fittings and filters.

Almost anything is possible

Asco can develop almost any valve individually - from complex valve terminals with user-defined interfaces to simple solenoid valves. So that users can rely on the quality of our products, the company manufactures all products under clean room conditions and tests each assembly before shipping. A part number is provided for each individual valve function (assembled and tested).

Resistance required

For applications in analysis technology, special valves must not only have high precision and functionality, but also be resistant to aggressive media and gases. Other requirements include a small internal volume and an easy-to-flush design. Valves with a low power consumption reduce the heat transfer to the medium. Typical applications include systems for chromatography, hematology, immunology, cytology, DNA synthesis, emission analysis, water analysis and leakage measurements.

Focus on patient safety

When using special valves in medical technology, the focus is on patient safety. In this area, valves have some direct contact with the media that are introduced into or removed from patients - for example when handling medical gases in respirators or liquids in dialysis machines. This field of application requires inert materials, a small internal volume and a low power consumption as well as the easy flushability of the valve. Typical applications include equipment and devices for artificial respiration, anesthesia, oxygen concentration, dialysis, dentistry, clinical sterilization, minimally invasive surgery, cryosurgery and cellulite treatments (massage). (mz)

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