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Mobile Industrial Robots For Cost-effective Material Transport

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Mobile Industrial Robots For Cost-effective Material Transport
Mobile Industrial Robots For Cost-effective Material Transport

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Video: Mobile Industrial Robots Automate Internal Logistics and Material Handling 2023, January

According to the manufacturer, the mobile robots of the LD platform are suitable for the transportation of goods in warehouses, distribution centers and manufacturing plants. Depending on the model, their payload capacity is up to 130 kg. In contrast to conventional driverless transport vehicles (AGVs), Omron's mobile robots navigate based on the spatial characteristics of the system - they therefore do not require any expensive and time-consuming conversions and also do not require any floor magnets, guide bands or laser signals, such as those used in classic AGVs come.

Flexible system layout

This enables a flexible system layout, since the transfer points for the mobile robots can be changed without any problems. In addition, the mobile robots can be used in combination with conventional automation systems such as conveyor belts, whereby the products can be easily tracked, according to Omron.

The mobile robots have a robust navigation system with which they can navigate independently under dynamic conditions - even in the midst of moving people, pallets, trolleys and forklifts and while storage racks are constantly being emptied and refilled. Thanks to integrated AI, they avoid obstacles and choose the optimal route for the execution of the respective task. The intelligent motion control also ensures that they can work safely with people as collaborative machines.

Coordination by means of a central fleet manager

The robots can be used as a fleet of up to 100 vehicles, which is coordinated by a central fleet manager. This can communicate directly with the management software of the production plant or the warehouse (e.g. MES or WMS).

The new platform also includes the LD Cart Transporter, an automated material handling solution for moving trolleys. The cart transporter has a device that automatically snaps into place on the trolley and can independently adapt its route to accommodate the trolley. This makes the Cart Transporter for Omron the ideal solution for loading production lines directly on the line or for executing e-commerce orders in a distribution center. (jv)


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