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Novel Expansion Bolt Enables Force And Form Locking

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Novel Expansion Bolt Enables Force And Form Locking
Novel Expansion Bolt Enables Force And Form Locking

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Video: Installation of L Bolt 2023, January

The new expansion bolt extends the range of Hytorc fasteners. So far, the connecting elements have been used in combination with the Hytorc tools to pretension screws on all types of machines without torsion and / or side load. The frictional connection alone is often not sufficient if the forces or the torques are to be increased or the installation space is to be reduced. In these cases, the loads must be transferred in a positive manner. So far, either purely hydraulic or purely mechanical expansion bolts have been used here. The purely hydraulic systems require extremely high pressures to spread the conical sleeve, but in addition to the radial positive locking, they only achieve a very low axial preload, which can lead to the connection "breathing". The purely mechanical systems achieve significantly higher axial preload forces,however, assembly is very lengthy. Disassembly in blind holes is only possible with additional tools.

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The new expansion bolt combines the advantages of both systems: radial positive locking plus freely selectable axial preload. By using a slotted sleeve, significantly less force is required to spread it and much larger tolerances can be accepted. The bolting result can be documented by measuring the torque and angle of rotation. The HYTORC system thus fulfills the requirements of VDI 2862 without complex length measurement. (qui)

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