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Print Parts For 3D Printing Directly From Solidworks

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Print Parts For 3D Printing Directly From Solidworks
Print Parts For 3D Printing Directly From Solidworks

Video: Print Parts For 3D Printing Directly From Solidworks

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Video: Preparing a SOLIDWORKS model for 3D Printing 2023, February

Stratasys Ltd. and Dassault Systèmes have announced their collaboration. The two companies plan to further develop the design and simulation functions of the Dassault Systèmes platform 3D-Experience, which supports FDM-3D printers and materials from Stratasys.

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New features include:

  • Design optimization for lighter parts - 3D printed using Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM). With less material consumption, the same performance is achieved as with conventional manufacturing technologies. Weight savings lead to higher efficiency and lower costs that cannot be achieved with conventional manufacturing processes.
  • Strength and fatigue analyzes provide the necessary security to expand the applications to load-bearing 3D-printed FDM components and to provide the necessary tools for component qualification.
  • The simulation of the printing process provides further information on the internal stress and performance of the 3D-printed FDM component.

“In order to fully exploit the potential of additive manufacturing, engineers need tools with which they can also use the practically limitless geometric freedom of this process. The unique features of the FDM production process can be fully simulated, allowing us to achieve unprecedented accuracy and speed in the design and testing process,”said Scott Berkey, CEO, Simulia, Dassault Systèmes. "We are delighted to be able to offer customers these key features through our partnership with Stratasys."

Complete solution from design to manufacture

“Stratasys and Dassault Systèmes share a vision: We want to offer a complete solution for the entire workflow from digital design to additive manufacturing. Through the partnership, Stratasys' vision is within reach, with high-performance simulation tools, to precisely map the fused deposition modeling process,”said Jon Stevenson, Senior VP Global Software at Stratasys. "We are convinced that with the functions and efficient workflow of the solution, we can significantly expand the range of components that can be produced with FDM-based 3D printing solutions from Stratasys. Companies like United Launch Alliance, Opel, Volvo Trucks and Daihatsu are already using them to manufacture production parts.”

Design and print parts in Solidworks

Stratasys, which has been part of the Solidworks partner program for a long time, is also announcing a Grab CAD print add-in for Solidworks. This add-in allows users to design and print parts without leaving the Solidworks environment. All Solidworks design and development experts thus have access to 3D printing on Stratasys systems. The available functions include selection of material and layer height, component alignment and automatic layout. (mz)

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