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Superconductors And Super Grippers For The Production Of Tomorrow

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Superconductors And Super Grippers For The Production Of Tomorrow
Superconductors And Super Grippers For The Production Of Tomorrow

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Video: The Physics of superconductors 2023, January

Superconductors are materials that can store the field of a permanent magnet at a defined distance below a certain temperature. With this effect, objects can be stored and moved without contact. The so-called floating gap remains stable even through walls. Thanks to their restoring forces, the superconducting magnetic bearing components automatically return to their stored position even if one of them has been temporarily removed - without any external control technology.

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“Their special properties open up great potential for superconductors wherever contactless storage or handling is required. Automation can therefore also penetrate into areas that were previously considered to be difficult or impossible to automate,”says Georg Berner, Head of Strategic Corporate Development, Group Holding at Festo and project coordinator for the company's supra-motion concepts based on suprlaiters. "We are currently working with customers to launch the first pilot projects."

Festo presents three new application options for Supra Motion at the Hannover Messe 2017:

With the Supra Drive, floating slides are moved in a highly dynamic manner by superconductivity:

Supplementary information on Supra Drive moves transport sledges

With this exhibit, a floating transport carriage is moved in a highly dynamic manner and positioned precisely. Three cryostats with superconductors on each side of the path let the slide float a few millimeters above the surface. The drive from the Festo multi-carrier system, which is installed between the cryostats, ensures the movement and positioning.

In addition to the smooth acceleration and the almost wear-free, dynamic movement, this concept offers the advantage, according to Festo, that all drive components can be installed under one cover. This should make the system very easy to clean, even without interrupting the transport process. Since the sled is floating, it cannot be hindered or contaminated by dirt on the surface of the system. According to the manufacturer, this ensures safe processes and a hygienic working environment. In addition, the sled itself moves without noise.

Festo sees application for the concept in areas in which systems have to be cleaned frequently or during ongoing operation, for example in laboratory automation, medical technology, the food or pharmaceutical industry or packaging technology.

with the Supra Shaker a floating vibrating system with tilting possibility is realized:

Additional information on the subject of Supra Shaker shakes in the balance

In this exhibit, a plate hovers over a cryostat with superconductors. An electric motor with an eccentric causes it to vibrate via a magnetic coupling. According to Festo, it can also be tilted in any direction using a magnetic force field transmission. The floating gap between the plate and the automation system ensures mechanical separation of the tool and machine and prevents the vibrations from being transmitted to the entire system. Festo believes that vibrating processes such as those used for vibration conveyors can be carried out much more quietly and efficiently with such a structure. The plate should be very easy to replace and clean, which is particularly advantageous when used in dusty environments.

and Supra Loop shows how superconductor technology can be easily combined with other transport systems:

Supplementary information on the Supra Loop combines transport systems

The exhibit demonstrates the combination of different transport systems with superconductor technology. Three different transport systems are installed on a circuit: a classic conveyor belt, the multi-carrier system from Festo and Siemens and a Supra Motion System.

Several carriers are transported on the Supra Loop. According to Festo, the magnetization on its underside serves both for the magnetic coupling with the contactless drive of the multi-carrier system and for the floating effect of the Supra Motion System. A carrier can be used to move a carrier from the conveyor belt to the cryostat with superconductors and then to move them coupled to them - also across partitions and walls.

Festo sees a possible application for the Supra Loop in the decoupling of individual transport slides from a machining process in order to drive them into a clean room without contact or to process the objects on them in a closed area with gases or liquids.

Hanover Fair 2016

Festo unveils new technologies at the Hannover Messe

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