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Top 10 Non-collegial Behavior

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Top 10 Non-collegial Behavior
Top 10 Non-collegial Behavior

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One thing is particularly important in everyday German work: "Everyone is the next person himself". This is the result of a current study that Sharp Business Systems commissioned from the market research institute Censuswide. Accordingly, one of the most important basic requirements for successful cooperation in many companies is not yet fulfilled. Namely, that every single employee receives the information for his daily work that he needs for the successful completion of his tasks. 46 percent of office workers have found that there are shortcomings here.

Regardless of whether it is due to colleagues who sometimes let their colleagues run into the open knife, protect their own know-how or act carelessly, to technologies and platforms on and in which information about the needle in the haystack disappears or to bosses who place the important order from them Do not pass on to superiors to the extent necessary. According to the study authors, inefficient workflows and pressure on company balance sheets are the consequences.

Another result catches the eye: Almost 38 percent of employees blame the technical equipment in particular, which makes it difficult to share information with colleagues. The study authors even go so far as to say that "with increasing networking, collaboration among colleagues is becoming increasingly difficult".

Colleague pigs

There is also talk of “colleague pigs”. Because I-related behaviors that counteract the team spirit are widespread. These range from just annoying to serious consequences. But even annoying habits can lead to annoyance in everyone in the long run. And so turning just a few of these small adjustment screws could help to strengthen cohesion. Perhaps a note to the employees is enough if the following office habits should only be based on carelessness.

You can find a list of the top 10 most annoying office bad habits on the next page.

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