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Benefit From The Experience Of Long-term Employees

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Benefit From The Experience Of Long-term Employees
Benefit From The Experience Of Long-term Employees

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Video: This is what makes employees happy at work | The Way We Work, a TED series 2023, January

The wealth of experience of long-term employees can be enormously valuable for a company - ZF now wants to use this with the “Senior Professionals” program. To ensure that the company's knowledge does not get lost when employees retire, it offers timed projects in which former employees can pass on their knowledge to younger colleagues.

Teamwork of the generations should master complex challenges

"Everyone involved benefits from this initiative," says HR Director Jürgen Holeks. "Young people learn from older people, retirees can look forward to an interesting task, and last but not least, the teamwork of the generations ensures that the complex challenges in our company's projects are mastered as best as possible."

Assignments by senior professionals should be possible in all departments of the group and should last a maximum of six months. The expertise of the seniors is likely to be particularly in demand in localization projects, in interim management or as part of mentoring. According to ZF, the experience of other companies shows that younger retirees in particular are interested in a job as senior professionals. Therefore, the company initially focuses on the group of up to 67-year-olds.

The company has so far written to about 1,000 employees at its German locations, and a good 100 have registered as senior professionals. "The response is positive, and we notice that in the discussions," explains Ralf Scherer, who heads the program together with Eberhard Ortlieb.

Retirees who are interested in a job as a senior professional can create their profile in a special database. The departments also register their needs for support and their desired profile there. The program team will then use the software to bring the departments and senior professionals together. According to the company, the experts are remunerated on the basis of daily rates, which should not affect the payment of a company pension. (kj)

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