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Linear Motor With Alternative Cable Outlet

Linear Motor With Alternative Cable Outlet
Linear Motor With Alternative Cable Outlet

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Video: Comparing Linear Servos & Linear Actuators - with Kyle and Jason 2023, February

In addition to the available power, various other factors also play a role in the design of a drive. The cable outlet of the motor may be a decisive criterion, especially with limited installation space. For this reason, Tecnotion now offers its smallest, ironless linear motor from UC3 with an alternative cable outlet.

Previously, the UC3 was available with a side cable exit; increasing customer demand should have led to the fact that an alternative version "UC3 inline" is also available. According to the company, this engine does not differ in technical data from its twin. However, the power cable runs in the direction of travel and not to the side. Tecnotion thus promises that the required installation space above or to the side of the yoke (depending on the type of installation) will be reduced and thus can be built even narrower.

The length of the coil unit is said to have remained the same at 34 mm, as has the performance: the inline version delivers 10 N continuous force and a peak force of 36 N. (sh)

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