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In The Field Of Electrical Engineering, Things Go Off

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In The Field Of Electrical Engineering, Things Go Off
In The Field Of Electrical Engineering, Things Go Off

Video: In The Field Of Electrical Engineering, Things Go Off

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Video: Things EE Students Say 2023, January

In Germany we have a unique culture of discussion in technical circles. Due to the growing together of the energy, ICT and automation technology industries, there may be solutions in the future that will not only reduce prices in the long term, but also ensure the availability of energy.

All these technologies are available and also represented by groups of standards in the VDE. We have four functioning networks: electricity network, gas network, transport network, IT network. And that would cover a lot.

Technologically ready for Energy 4.0? What is lacking?

The challenge, however, is to combine these technologies in a meaningful way in order to turn them into a well-functioning overall system.

At the moment it's not about ability, it's about wanting. I currently see no strategy and no overall concept for the switch to renewable energies. Here different interests have to be reconciled.

State initiative is also in demand, since electrical power supply is a vested interest of our entire society. If a state secretary says that there is no need for action on the part of the state and that the markets regulate everything on their own, it is even extremely dangerous.

Electricity is system critical, even more so than the banking system. The state cannot withdraw from the energy supply. However, what must not happen is a rage for regulation that sometimes affects us Germans.

A look at the big picture: Is the automation meeting as a forum for the topic of Energy 4.0 important to you?

We meet here in an interdisciplinary manner and above all without being constrained by economic and political conditions. This is a good basis for innovative solutions. We at VDE appreciate this as much as the participants. It is also particularly important to impart know-how in the direction of the automation industry. There are many companies here that are looking for new market segments. The energy market is currently undergoing major changes and new solutions are urgently needed. This is interesting as a new field of activity for medium-sized companies in the automation industry.

Will we make the energy transition?

Yes, there is no other way. And we are in the middle of it. At present we have an installed peak power of renewable energies of around 80 GW in Germany with an average power requirement of 65 GW. That speaks for itself.

Where do we rank in an international comparison?

In good midfield. We have many specialists for individual disciplines. What is missing here is the controlling hand, which puts it together to form a large whole. China, India with wind power and the USA with photovoltaics are more innovative in terms of Energy 4.0.

Keyword renewable energy: more of an environmental issue?

Clearly an issue for industry and its production costs. Renewable energies are about affordable energy and competitiveness. Energy 4.0 does not make sense with fossil fuels. Ultimately, it means a paradigm shift away from conventional power plants towards renewable energy resources.

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