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Win A Desert Buggy

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Win A Desert Buggy
Win A Desert Buggy

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Video: THE BUGATTI OF THE DESERT !!! 2023, January

Mulco represents the network of the two timing belt manufacturers BRECO Antriebstechnik and ContiTech Antriebssysteme with eleven sales partners in the area of ​​PU timing belt technology. The Mulco sales partners take on the classic tasks of technical trading and also want to offer sophisticated engineering services and custom toothed belt assemblies in their own production facilities.

The sales partners' field engineers form the interface between the user and the manufacturer and are also intended to support the technical development of the products at the timing belt manufacturers.

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Highlights at this year's booth in Hanover are the high-performance timing belts Brecoflex move (endless) and Breco move (by the meter) as well as the Conti-PU timing belts Synchrochain Carbon and Synchroflex GEN III. A 3 HP strong, off-road RC desert buggy was equipped with such a PU timing belt, which will be raffled off at the Mulco booth at the Hannover Messe. According to the company, the toothed belt there replaces the wear-prone, open-running spur gear.

New high-performance timing belt

The PU high-performance timing belts Brecoflex move AT 10 and Breco move AT 10 are mainly used in linear technology. According to the manufacturer, both toothed belts have a stronger steel cord tension member, which should achieve greater tensile forces and an approximately 70% higher belt stiffness compared to the previous version. The belt stiffness should be optimally used in linear axes for dynamic positioning with very short swing-out times. Depending on the drive, steeper start and stop ramps can be used. The new PU timing belt Breco move AT10 should enable shorter cycle times and higher productivity of axes and entire machines.Mulco, according to Mulco, is increasingly using the tensile forces of the toothed belt that can be transmitted compared to the previous version, even in vertical axes with high safety requirements. (sh)

Hannover Messe 2017: Hall 25, Stand C24

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