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How Industry 4.0 Creates Benefits

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How Industry 4.0 Creates Benefits
How Industry 4.0 Creates Benefits

Video: How Industry 4.0 Creates Benefits

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Video: Benefits of Implementing Industry 4 0 in the Manufacturing Industry 2023, February

Industry 4.0, integrated energy, digital twin, machine learning, predictive maintenance, smart materials, networked and collaborative robots (cobots) - large corporations as well as small companies are faced with a multitude of technological options today, the benefits of which are often difficult to assess. This is where the Hannover Messe 2017 wants to start. "The boundaries between mechanical engineering and IT are disappearing," explains Dr. Jochen Köckler, Member of the Board of Management of Deutsche Messe AG. And promises: "In Hanover, visitors will learn how to recognize the potential of digitization and how to use it for themselves".

With a record number of more than 500 application examples for Industry 4.0, adaptable robots with plenty of sensitivity and technical solutions for the energy transition, the Hannover Messe 2017 opens its doors on April 24, 2017. "The technologies for the successful digitization of industrial production have matured," Köckler is convinced. "Now it is important that decision-makers from industry and the energy industry recognize the direct and long-term benefits they can derive from digitization for their company, their business models and their employees." From April 24 to 28, around 6,500 exhibitors will be there expected. The partner country this year is Poland.

Predictive maintenance through learning machines

The digitization of production involves a large amount of data that is evaluated at various points. With machine learning technologies, this data will be evaluated centrally in the future and fed back to the machine. This gives systems the ability to optimize themselves. Machine learning is therefore an important instrument in the introduction of so-called “predictive maintenance”, a key topic at the Hannover Messe as part of Industry 4.0.

Hanover Fair 2017

Predictive maintenance applications at the heart of MDA

The focus is on people

Even in times of ubiquitous digitization: The essential factor for corporate success is and remains the human being. Industry 4.0 technologies make the activities of factory workers more varied. He is increasingly a problem solver, decision maker, innovator and driver for more value creation. But that doesn't happen by itself either. It is crucial that qualification measures prepare specialists for the new world of work 4.0. "In an agile and flexible factory, the skilled worker will learn to use virtual reality and augmented reality, smart glasses and tablets," explains Köckler.

As intuitive as a smartphone: the new cobots

The same applies to the collaborative robots. The latest generation of the so-called cobots is as easy to use as a smartphone, learns independently and communicates in the cloud. They are a cost-effective solution, especially for smaller companies, to take advantage of the opportunities of Industry 4.0. The technical possibilities increase, the acquisition costs decrease. Similar to the drones today, a mass market will develop in the area of ​​cobots, from which new business ideas should emerge.

Hannover tradefair

Industry fair shows the latest in robotics

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