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These Are Germany's Industry 4.0 Experts

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These Are Germany's Industry 4.0 Experts
These Are Germany's Industry 4.0 Experts

Video: These Are Germany's Industry 4.0 Experts

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Video: MILL TALK: What Is Industry 4.0 and How Did We Get Here? with MIT Professor David Hardt 2023, February

"Is Industry 4.0 actually male?" asked Isabel Hochgesand, managing director at Procter & Gamble and responsible for logistics in Germany, Austria and Switzerland two years ago in her management column for the online magazine SAAL ZWEI. The occasion was a panel discussion at the CeBIT, where, with a few exceptions, there were no women in the audience.

Bisnode Germany also found that women are significantly underrepresented in the management of Industry 4.0 companies in the study "Women in Management in Industry 4.0" in 2016. On average, 11.7 percent of the top management positions are filled by women - in Industry 4.0 this is only 7.2 percent.

Industry 4.0 is certainly a topic that moves many men, but female experts in this area are increasing. We therefore take the occasion of World Women's Day to introduce you to some interesting personalities from business and research in this area:

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Are you an IoT expert and missing from the list or do you know other experts for Industry 4.0 or the Internet of Things? Send us your suggestions, we look forward to adding more personalities to our list.

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