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Current Version Of Star-CMM + Strengthens Simulation Skills

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Current Version Of Star-CMM + Strengthens Simulation Skills
Current Version Of Star-CMM + Strengthens Simulation Skills

Video: Current Version Of Star-CMM + Strengthens Simulation Skills

Video: Current Version Of Star-CMM + Strengthens Simulation Skills
Video: Star CCM+ 2D airfoil Simulation Tutorial 2023, December

With new analysis tools combined with improved visual realism, Star-CMM + version 12.02 helps engineers to recognize the deeper meaning behind complex mechanical engineering simulations. Thanks to the use of functions such as adaptive gridding and the possibility to simulate reactions within solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC), users are up to date in terms of predective analytics. This increases the efficiency of the Designs, reduces costs and enables higher quality designs. Star-CMM + is part of the Simcenter portfolio from Siemens PLM Software - a program suite of simulation software and test solutions.


Analysis tool bundles simulation and verification of complex design solutions


Put the pieces of the puzzle together correctly during development

"Star-CMM + Version 12.02 is specifically designed to make engineers more efficient and enable them to quickly develop better designs and use predictive analytics even faster," said Jean-Claude Ercolanelli, Senior VP of Product Management at Siemens PLM "The same engineers are increasingly expected to present their results within their company to people who have little direct experience in evaluating simulation tests. A corresponding function at Star-CMM + facilitates such presentations through 'digital twin' -Simulation models that not only behave like their counterparts in the real world, but also offer an exact visual representation and thus facilitate understanding and create trust."

Photo-realistic rendering improves understanding

New to Star-CMM + v12.02 is Ray Tracing, a feature that allows engineers to apply photo-realistic rendering to their design and simulation results using technology similar to that used for special effects (Computer Generated Imagery, CGI) for films and video games is used. These extended visualization options are particularly useful when the simulation results are to be conveyed to stakeholders who are not directly involved in the simulation operation.

Higher throughput in flow simulation

In addition to new tools for analyzing simulation results, Star-CMM + v12.02 also offers functions for accelerating the simulation throughput for products that work with reactive currents, such as B. incinerators, reformers, internal combustion engines and gas turbines. The new function of adaptive gridding for combustion tables considerably reduces the computational effort without sacrificing accuracy. Adaptive gridding can be applied to all small-flame combustion models and in the best case can reduce the table size and the inherent memory consumption by thirty times; this increases efficiency and enables engineers to iterate their designs faster.


Get very close to the ideal with simulation

The current version also includes multi-component models for gas / liquid combinations and solid ions, such as those used in the analysis of electrochemical reactions that occur, for example, in solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC). SOFCs are being used more and more in the production of efficient and clean electricity, and Star-CMM + users can now further improve the efficiency of their solid oxide fuel cells by creating a digital lookalike, resulting in even cleaner power generation cells. (mz)