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Metrology Specialist Siko Awarded Top Job Seal

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Metrology Specialist Siko Awarded Top Job Seal
Metrology Specialist Siko Awarded Top Job Seal

Video: Metrology Specialist Siko Awarded Top Job Seal

Video: Metrology Specialist Siko Awarded Top Job Seal
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Siko employs 150 of its 210 employees worldwide at its headquarters in Buchenbach, just outside Freiburg. The independent family-owned company, founded in 1963, is characterized by continuity and a long-term focus, also in personnel policy. This opens up good career opportunities for employees, because traditionally, many management positions are filled internally.

Support for further training

The company supports "committed and ambitious employees" with further training financially and through the possibility of part-time work. "We have placed trust in our employees from the start and always come up with a common denominator," says Siko Managing Director Sven Wischnewski.

The employee survey conducted as part of the top job competition attests Siko to an exemplary corporate culture. These include part-time jobs for mothers or the possibility of partner months during a parenting phase.

Additional information on the subject of what is hidden behind Top Job

Since 2002, "Top Job" has been performing benchmarks under the scientific direction of Prof. Dr. Heike Bruch from the University of St. Gallen on the employer qualities of medium-sized companies. The best of them receive the seal of quality. With the project, the Center for Employer Attractiveness (Zeag) from Constance supports medium-sized employers in building a healthy and high-performing workplace culture and building an employer brand.

Prof. Dr. Heike Bruch, director of the Institute for Leadership and Personnel Management at the University of St. Gallen, has developed a special procedure for "Top Job": In the first step, the employees of the participating companies are asked in an online survey how they perceive their working world. At the same time, the HR managers use an online questionnaire to provide information about the methods and instruments used in HR work.

The study focuses on six fields: "Leadership & Vision", "Motivation & Dynamics", "Culture & Communication", "Employee Development & Perspective", "Family Orientation & Demography" and "Internal Entrepreneurship".

Decisive for inclusion in the group of "Top Job" companies was alut Zeag a coherent, long-term overall concept that guarantees the economic success of the company while safeguarding employee interests and the mental and physical health of the workforce.

According to Zeag, 103 medium-sized companies from all sectors applied for the current award “Top Job 2016”. A total of 19,884 employees from the participating companies were interviewed. 93 companies were awarded the seal, including 21 national and 11 world market leaders. According to Zeag, the companies have an average of 305 employees, and the female quota in management positions is an average of 23%. (jv)